International, Domestic and Transborder Freight Forwarding and Exporting Management System
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Technical Info
Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cargo3000 be customized to meet our exact requirements?

Yes. One of the many advantages of Cargo3000 is the ability to modify the system to meet each customer's specific requiremets, cost effectively. In fact, Cargo3000 is modified to meet each customer's exact needs.

How are file numbers assigned in Cargo3000 and can we assign our own numbers?

The standard method is to allow Cargo3000 to assign the file number to a shipment. The file number is composed of a two letter prefix, that is designated at system initialization time, and the shipment number.

Usually the prefix designates the shipment mode, i.e. AE, OE, AI, etc. and the shipment number is composed of a two digit branch number and a six digit shipment number. Therefore, AE01123456 is an air export shipment for branch 01, shipment number 123456.

Optionally, Cargo3000 can allow users to assign their own file numbers to shipments and this has been done for several users. With this option, the system can verify that the file number is unique to avoid assigning duplicate numbers.

Can Cargo3000 interface with my accounting system?

Interfaces have been developed to allow Cargo3000 to export financial transactions to many different accounting packages and custom accounting systems.

Usually, the Customer and Vendor master files are maintained in Cargo3000 and then Cargo3000 exports the Customer master file and or updates, the Vendor master file and or updates, and Invoice and Accounts Payable transactions to the accounting system.

The requirements to allow Cargo3000 to interface with an accounting system are as follows:

  • The ability of the accounting system to continously import new customer and vendor records and updates.
  • The ability of the accounting system to import invoice and accounts payable transactions.
  • Where necessary, the ability to handle more than one currency if more than one currency is used in the financial transactions.

When Invoices or Accounts Payable transactions are exported, Cargo assigns an export batch number to the selected transactions. This feature allows a batch to be exported again if required.

Cargo3000 also provides export registers that identify the detailed transactions that have been included in an export batch. The registers identify the transaction details and provide totals of the number of transactions and amounts by currency.

The registers can then be used to verify the number of transactions and amounts that have been exported from Cargo and imported into the accounting system.

We use several documents in our business that do not appear in the list of documents produced by Cargo3000. Can these documents be added to the system?

In most cases, the answer is yes. On many occasions, clients have identified documents that were not previously included in Cargo3000 and they have been added to the system.

Can we create our own reports?

Yes. Cargo3000 interfaces with two report writers: Crystal Reports and Intelliview Report Writer.

The Crystal Reports report writer can access a copy of the Cargo3000 database directly. This allows users to select and link different fields from different files and design reports to meet their specific requirements.

The Intelliview report writer is also available. This report writer accesses a number of reporting files produced by Cargo3000 and allows users to design their own reports within seconds. A unique feature of the Intelliview report writer is that the data and report details are displayed directly on the screen as the report details are developed. Similarly, the graphs are also viewed in real time as they are defined.

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