International, Domestic and Transborder Freight Forwarding and Exporting Management System
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Technical Info


Cargo3000 can be integrated with any accounting package or system with the required import functionality, and to-date has been integrated with the following systems:

  • Accpac
  • Simply Accounting
  • Quick Books
  • Newviews
  • B13 / CAED
  • Track - Trace
  • Several customs brokerage systems

Cargo3000 can maintain and export customer and vendor details to an accounting system or alternately, Cargo3000 can import customer and vendor file details from an accounting system.

The accounts receivable and accounts payable batch registers can be used to enter accounting transactions into an accounting subsystem manually, or alternately, a file can be provided to transfer accounting transactions directly to any accounting package with import capabilities.

The system assigns an export batch number to exported transactions and export batches can be re-exported if required.

Export registers are available for both accounts receivable and accounts payable batches.


Cargo3000 has been integrated with a Canadian Customs Brokerage system. This feature provides substantial benefits as only one data entry activity is required to meet all subsequent processing requirements.

Cargo3000 passes shipment details to the brokerage system. Once the brokerage cycle is completed and the RNS has been received, the brokerage system passes the release information and brokerage charges back to Cargo. The freight charges are then entered and an integrated invoice for both the brokerage and freight charges is produced. The invoice details are then passed to the accounting system.


An electronic filing module has been developed to interface Cargo3000 with the Canadian Government's Electronic CAED program.

Cargo3000 passes the information to the CAED DLM (Data Loading Module) for validation, and automatic entry into the CAED program for transmission to Ottawa.


A web based tracking and tracing module can be integrated with Cargo3000. This module allows customers, shippers, agents, etc., to track and trace their shipments.

The interface allows users to enter a MAWB, MB/L, Pro-Bill, HAWB, HB/L, or reference number(s) and view the details and status of the shipment. Alternately, the user may see a list of all of his shipments and then select a particular shipment to view.

When processing and / or updating shipments, Cargo will automatically update the associated tracking and tracing files to ensure all information is always instantly up-to-date.


Similarly, a web based data entry module is available. This allows origin and destination agents to enter cargo manifest and POD information via the web, which is then posted to the Cargo3000 database. This ensures the Cargo3000 database is always up-to-date.

This module may also be used to allow shippers to enter shipment details via the web.


The following EDI transaction sets have been completed and are operational with several clients:

  • IFTSTA Status Report
  • IFTFCC Debit Note / Invoice
  • IFTMBC Booking Request
  • IFTMCS Forwarders B/L

Additional transaction sets are currently being developed to meet client requirements.


Cargo3000 provides the capability to fax and e-mail directly from the system.

A standard interface is included to interface with any MAPI (Microsoft Application Program Interface) compliant e-mail system including Microsoft Outlook.

Faxes may be sent using standard fax software. This requires the operator to enter the recipients name and fax number.

In addition, interfaces are available to automate the fax process.

When using client server fax software, faxes may be sent from Cargo with or without a dialogue box. When sending faxes without using the dialogue option, faxes can be placed in the fax queue by Cargo at the rate of one fax per second.

Similarly, the e-mail interface allow Cargo to use the same dialogue box to send documents via e-mail. Cargo can send the e-mail directly or place them in an e-mail queue for background transmission.


Intelliview Report Writer:

The Intelliview report writer has been integrated with Cargo3000 and allows users to quickly and easily design their own reports.

When developing reports, the user is working with a reporting data file displayed directly on the screen. As reporting details are developed such as column selections, totals, filters, etc., the results are displayed immediately. The final reports may then be saved, previewed or printed.

An additional feature of Intelliview is the charting function. This allows the user to again quickly and easily design charts and the results are displayed immediately in bar, line or pie chart formats. Charts may be saved or printed.

Reports and data files may also be exported in a number of different formats including Excel, HTML, XML, Text, PDF, etc.


All laser documents can selectively be printed on company letterhead or Cargo3000 will print the company name and address or company logo as required.

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