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Technical Info

We installed Cargo2000 in 2001 and the capabilities of the system supported our rapidly expanding business requirements.

We upgraded to Cargo3000, the multi-branch edition of Cargo in 2003 and then added our Vancouver office to the system, providing us with one integrated database for reporting and accounting.

Cargo3000 is a very easy to use system and changes and modifications are completed very quickly. Centillion provides excellent service.

Doug Carlson
Branson International Inc.

As a busy freight forwarding company, we appreciate the service and convenience that Cargo3000 provides. Cargo3000 helps us generate all the necessary documents that we require in order to ensure a smooth shipment for our clients, both domestic and world wide no matter the mode of transportation.

If we ever require assistance, or are in need of streamlining certain features within the program itself to ensure a more user friendly application, the staff are always friendly and willing to assist us in any way they can.

We continue to enjoy our professional relations with everyone at Cargo3000 and we wish them continued success in the future.

The staff at Dialog Freight International (Canada)

When you get to know Cargo3000, you can create Master Airway Bills in seconds.

Sonja Vaage
Skyway International Inc.

The software is really adapted to the freight forwarding industry, its reliability and stability are outstanding.

It is a pleasure to work with them, they are always ready to consider new ideas development and improvement.

Le logiciel est vraiment adapté à l’industrie des transitaires, sa fiabilité et sa stabilité sont remarquables.

C’est un plaisir de travailler avec eux, ils sont toujours prêt, à considérer de nouvelle idée, de développement, et d’amélioration.

Brigitte Dumoulin
Director Administration
Cargolution International Freight Forwarders

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology selected Cargo3000 to train their International Business students Freight Frowarding concepts and practices.

While we initially looked at Cargo3000 to meet our forwarding requirements, we selected a less expensive system.

Within a month we realized that the productivity of the system we selected did not meet our expectations.

Now, having had some hands-on experience with forwarding systems, we knew what to look for

We asked for another demonstration of Cargo3000 and ordered it immediately.

The productivity improvement has been substantial and the service excellent.

Gary Vastila
Global Cargo Services Ltd.

We installed the single branch version of Cargo2000 in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in 2000 and it did an excellent job of processing our freight forwarding transactions.

All required changes were completed very quickly.

We upgraded to Cargo3000, the multi-branch version of Cargo2000, in Toronto in January, 2005 and then implemented Montreal and Vancouver on the new system.

Cargo3000 provides a central data base and one interface for accounting, reporting and customs brokerage, which is to be implemented shortly.

During our recent corporate reorganization, we required many system changes and new reports.

Centillion provided the required modifications and reports very quickly, on very short notice.

Cargo3000 is a very productive system and the support and service is excellent.

Anders Fisker
DFDS Transport (Canada) Ltd.

We have been using Cargo2000 since 1997 and converted to Cargo3000 in 2005.

The system, service and continuing support have been excellent.

Chris Frame
Tradition Forwarding

Advantex was working with a company to provide a freight forwarding system. After several frustrating years it became obvious that the system was not going to materialize.

We then identified Cargo3000 as the best system available to meet our current and future operational and business requirements.

Centillion had us up and running on Cargo3000 within a month. Since then we have installed the system in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa.

We then integrated Cargo3000 with their accounting package, Accpac, developed and implemented Canadian and US Brokerage Invoicing modules, integrated the Canadian Brokerage module with a Customs Brokerage system and implemented an integrated web based tracking and tracing system and a web based data entry system.

The excellent service has provided Advantex with the opportunity to realize a substantial amount of new business and allowed us to achieve significant productivity and reporting improvements.

We have since installed the new multi-branch version of Cargo3000 to centralize our processing and application systems integration using thin client technology.

Cargo3000 has met every one of our objectives to-date and we are confident they will continue to do so in the future.

Jan Nyberg
Vice President
Advantex Express Inc.

Ameri-Connect Freight Services is a "one-stop" logistical solution for its customers and required a multi-modal application system.

Combining Transborder, Ocean, Air and Customs functions under one software system was strategically important for our growth, our customers and our success.

Cargo3000 offered all of these components to allow our organization to improve efficiency and simplify administrative duties within all departments at Ameri-Connect Freight Services.

In addition, Cargo3000 provided a reporting system and an on-line tracking system that further enhanced our ability to service all customers and their needs.

After two years of using Cargo3000, Ameri-Connect continues to enjoy a seemless operation and full support from Cargo3000 for future needs.

Terri Strain
Ameri-Connect Freight Services Inc.

It has been a year now since we had Cargo installed in our office. It was a long process to bring it to this stage. After viewing a demonstration from you we finally received approval from our Head Office in the USA to go forward.

Of course the biggest hurdle after that was getting the printer set up. Then we were on our way. We have now worked with the system for a year and the staff is very pleased with how user friendly it is. It certainly has improved our productivity in executing airfreight shipments. We continue to find process improvements with this tool and appreciate your support with added training.

Good Luck with future Cargo3000 developments.

Gerry Dickie
General Manger
BDP Canada

Having previously experienced the capabilities and productivity of Cargo3000, we installed it immediately upon starting our Freight Forwarding business.

While we experienced some hardware and networking difficulties in getting our network up and running, Centillion worked with us continuously to get everything up and running smoothly.

Centillion provided excellent service levels throughout the process and we highly recommend Cargo3000.

Martin Howard
Cargo Spectrum Forwarding Inc.

Tona Transport Inc. is the Freight Forwarding subsidiary of Dupont Canada Inc.

Tona was operating a DOS freight forwarding system and required a Windows based system to support our corporate systems development and integration program.

Since the supplier of the DOS based system would not convert it to Windows, we selected Cargo3000 as the system best able to meet our current and future development plans.

Cargo3000 was converted to MS-SQL to meet our corporate database standards, modified to meet our freight forwarding document specifications, passed our Y2K verification process, and went into production in January, 2000.

The invoicing module was completely reworked to meet our exact needs including commission and rebate calculations.

We then embarked on a major project with our IT consultants, Centillion and ourselves to implement an EDI interface between Cargo 3000 and our corporate data warehouse. Centillion stayed on schedule throughout the entire six month project.

As part of our ongoing corporate information systems plans and programs, we will require several more major projects to interface Cargo3000 with additional software systems.

Cargo3000 is one of the easiest systems to use that we have seen and Centillion's service has been excellent.

Bill Springate
Systems Coordinator
Tona Transport Inc.

Gerry Casey
Vice President

KB Forwarders had been using a freight forwarding system for a number of years. However, we decided that KB required a system that would meet our exact requirements.

After a thorough evaluation of alternatives, we selected the DOS verions of Cargo2000 as the most functionally complete system available, and more importantly, a system that could be modified to meet our exact needs.

In converting to Cargo2000, we identified our processing, document, invoicing, accounting and reporting requirements.

Centillion modified Cargo2000 quickly and efficiently to meet our exact specifications.

We have been using DOS version Cargo2000 since 1998 without a failure. The system is very productive and easy to use. Training new employees to use Cargo2000 only takes a couple of hours.

Joseph Kachami
KB Forwarders Ltd.

Larsen Logistics selected Cargo3000 as the most comprehensive and user friendly freight forwarding system available.

While our network installation encountered numerous difficulties, Centillion provided excellent support to get the system up and running as soon as possible.

Training only took a couple of hours and just before going 'live' with the system, we identified the need for a document that was a major modification from the standard available in Cargo3000.

Our new document was available the next day and we were up and running.

Great system and excellent service.

Peter Larsen
President, Larsen Logistics Inc.
Larsen Logistics Inc.

We installed the DOS version of Cargo2000 in February, 1998.

The modifications required to meet our needs were completed quickly and we subsequently integrated Cargo's invoicing module with our Customs Brokerage accounting system.

The system worked continuously for 4 years without a problem.

The productivity of Cargo2000 allowed us to process increasing volumes of shipments and simultaneously improve our service levels without increasing staffing levels.

In 2002 we installed the multi-branch version of Cargo3000 and have realized significant additional productivity and service level improvements.

Cargo is also very easy to use and learn. New employees can be taught to use Cargo in a matter of hours. The group fax and e-mail options alone more than pay for the system and allow us to send any number of documents via fax or e-mail in as many seconds.

In several cases Centillion has modified our system within hours to provide modifications or new documents to meet critical logistical problems.

Excellent system and service.

David Lyman
Lyman Container Lines

Polimex installed the DOS version of Cargo2000 in 1996 and the system was extensively modified to meet our needs. The modifications were completed quickly and efficiently.

We have recently installed the windows version of Cargo3000 and are in the process of integrating it with our accounting system.

Cargo3000 is a great system and the people are a pleasure to work with.

Paul Tyszkiewicz
Airfreight Assistant Manager
Polimex Forwarding Inc.

GEODIS Wilson Canada was using a DOS based fright forwarding system. However, it was becoming increasingly evident that we had to convert to a Windows based system to achieve improved integration and provide a platform for an ambitious development program.

After a thorough analysis of the freight forwarding systems available, we selected Cargo 2000 and Centillion as the most complete system available and the company best able to meet our development plans.

The productivity and simplicity of Cargo3000 were additional factors in the selection process. We converted to Cargo3000 in 1999 in Toronto and subsequently installed the system in Vancouver and Montreal.

Centillion has provided excellent service in modifying Cargo3000 to meet our needs.

We have integrated Cargo3000 with the Accpac Accounting system, met our management reporting requirements using the Crystal Reports reporting system, and implemented a Head Office financial and reporting database to meet our accounting and corporate reporting requirements.

In addition, Centillion has developed several EDI transaction sets to update our corporate data warehouse in Sweden and support our corporate web based tracking and tracing system.

Our current plans are to develop additional EDI transaction sets and automatically download and enter our import transactions from our corporate warehouse in Sweden.

Cargo3000 is a great system and Centillion is an excellent company to work with.

Chris Johnston
Managing Director
GEODIS Wilson Canada Ltd..

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